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Using inert gas for killing poultry and DIY gas chamber considerations


This is an educational video that I put off creating for some months. I knew that before I could even talk about gas chamber design considerations, I would first …

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  1. THANK YOU for the many hours of endeavor you have invested in this project. and for putting this video together to educate folks about humane nitrogen euthanization.

    i will be using this model to euthanize a cat at home, rather than going to the vet. we already have nitrogen tank etc. so this fits the bill.

    a peaceful exit for my friend. without having to stress her out.

    1. It’s fantastic that my research will be useful to you. I would suggest you save some effort and put your cat into a carrier with some of its favorite snacks perhaps, and use an oversized clear lawn bag around it to pipe the nitrogen into. It will save you a lot of effort for what I presume is a “one off” situation. Best of luck and feel free to comment about how it worked out. PS: keep in mind that death throes are not a sign of suffering – just autonomic reactions by the body after death. Also remember to be careful when releasing the nitrogen to ensure you do not go unconscious from inhaling it once the deed is done. Thanks for the comment!


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