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I’m just Some Guy In North Carolina.  I make some videos to document stuff I’m interested in, and I post it on YouTube in case you might be interested in it too.  Like the stuff I post about?  Please subscribe.

What is my Channel about?

  • Do It Yourself (instructions, tutorials)
  • Tool Reviews (unboxing, mods, warnings)
  • Science (medicine, health, bio-hacking)
  • Engineering (chemistry, architecture, structural, thermodynamics)
  • Farming (chickens, incubation, humane slaughter)
  • Wood Working (cutting down trees, milling, seasoning, carpentry, etc.)
  • Inventing (electrical engineering, fabrication, CNC, software development)
  • How annoying Goats are (universal)
  • and much more.

My Channel is really unfocused and it’s hard to build a community around such an unfocused set of interests.  Many people find my Channel from Tool Reviews.  Sometimes I talk about Harbor Freight tools and conversely Antique Tools.  Is my Channel for everyone?  I’d like to think so.  I have a lot of interests and I think one of them might interest you too.

Disclaimer: sometimes things that are unsafe are exemplified on the Channel… please do not try what you see at home if at all questionable.